The Editor's Picks 2015

A Horse That Runs, Kelvin Corcoran and Alan Halsey
I'm here to learn to dream in your language, H.L. Hix
Posthumous Cantos, Ezra Pound
War of the Foxes, Richard Siken
Landscapes on a Train, Cole Swensen
from the diaries of john dee, Nigel Wood
Shock by Shock, Dean Young

The Water Knife, Paolo Bacigalupi
Pond, Clare-Louise Bennett
All the Light We Cannt See, Anthony Doeur
I Am Radar, Reif Larsen
10:04, Ben Lerner
Three Moments of an Explosion, China Mieville
is the Thing with Feathers, Max Porter
Railhead, Philip Reeve
Time Ages in a Hurry, Antonio Tabucchi
New American Stories, ed. Ben Marcus

Iain Sinclair. Noise, Neoliberalism and the Matter of London, Niall Martin
London Overground, Iain Sinclair
Tago Mago, Alan Warner
How Music Got Free, Stephen Witt

Wanderlust, Joseph Cornell, Royal Academy
Power Stations, John Hoyland, Newport Street Gallery
Frank Auerbach, Tate Britain

Beneath the Bark, Bamboo Stilts
A Gossamer Bit, Allison Cameron & Contact
High Risk, Dave Douglas
Salvor, False Lights
This is Not a Miracle, Food
Vitals, Mutemath
The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt, Nurse With Wound
Beauty Will Not Save the World, The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
The Catastrophist, Tortoise
Primrose Green, Ryley Walker
Wire live, October 2015, Mono, Falmouth