justified with

sections in geometrical form
1:1.618 ratio triangle combines golden
with fibonacci, dada with ism
ethos with vaccination, antithesis with rat
with logical order grids fracture chaos
with interrelated analytical skill abstracts.

grid approach. mass production.
grids unite elements with artistic intuition
tension forms great harmony
with lack of tension monotony.
the grid's natural response to problematic conditions
subdivided into small compartments 
become homogenous patch work quilt
become smallest sweet bread crumb
infinity. ugly. lovely. visible by use
maps grid purity. butter flow. icon orange
build from empti-box

moments blow fibonacci dictorum
scroll sky parts cloudy day
three times justified with

gypsy black fedora

half the citron world shakes
flashlight relief, no  stain, no scratch tickets,
no children who hear sudden  whistle deep truckbed
decree swiggle and tanaka  botanical system
photographic war the others  being pomelo mandarin
milk carton information,  one of four original
good and plenty underground  diligence

understand principality  profile position
underrate rap sight
and clam soup for ordinary  may be available
to men who crease dress  pants. his fedora gypsy dance
music in new stream  squiggle giggle rhapsodic para que
no quede una duda con calma
hand friends say people  open mail
stamp envelopes and  crickets
shower under palm tree  arrangements
donkey ghost passes through  the eye of a needle
swift generous floats  hover. corner shelf
transfixion repeats

frogs gone to their  reward

I plunge myself into every  edible experience
mysticism, intellectual bull  shit

philosophy, bitter sweet  marshmallows,
zigzag humming birds, sky  king space ships

river back weed back soak  back pool back
polliwogs tadpoles, tiny  black wormy squirmy tails,

frog mystery. traipsing  through ally way.
dandelion gone to seed,  maggots multiply

faster than rain drops on  garbage pail
lessons set into earth

bikers speed through red  lights
pedestrians disappear into  cell phones

an invisible toad texts  from concrete
children lay with  computerized toys

pigeons sparrows and  grackles swoop, hawk tongues
seagulls on glass roof,  subway train escalator.

every size person buys  morning coffee.
cars everywhere

sun bathers along grassy  bank
enormous noisy machines.

drone breathing filters  clean air
forget about trees

trees decorate city streets.
like skinned alligator  pocketbooks

we change sex, skin color
we transplant human and  animal organs
we graft skin, we build cow  from single cell
we walk into ticket booths,  trip to another planet

dedicated to wild flowers,  wild beasts
hermits and monks, cameras  like praying mantis
pink punk tattoo tribes.  music on saturday nights

thinging images as  objects

before nucleus code fingers  us off
polka dot accuracy thinging  hidden promises
vivid parody stuck on  experimental photographs
greenhouse neighbors keep  normalcy
kids climbing crab trees
parents on umbrella chairs
small creature coffins

his head
his toenails in vellum  envelopes
his eyebrow hairs in shirt  pocket
his face on steel

velvet turtles don't have a  chance
their cemetery theatrics  thread provincial worry beads
thinging her white curtain  rooms, plush superficial
oriental rugs and flashback  reunions dinning on inky squid

giff posters
kant cigarettes
cauterized wound scabs

the speed read self help  books
ring our ears and  pathological reproductions
arouse our lip rip.  extraordinary details
events in technicolor. 3D  fingers

    Irene Koronas 2016