Three excerpts from h.e/s.he scatology in 315 wor./d sec./tions

Co-authored by Gloria Mindock, Irene Koronas and Daniel Y. Harris

jerzy kosinski and magda szabo


the lied truth in degrees of history and sociology meant nothing escaping fake names changed to live with steps taken for a full voice howling which made magda squirm but she could the hear elementary children scream of not being allowed to speak who became a household name since she was a burnt out novelist later in years while jerzy created a false foundation for despised communist plagiarizing words with odd jobs to survive acting on a private farm where animals play with peter sellers as he laughed tripped on his own head but the painted bird was gorgeous watching while magda loved an odd flow of ink and wrote smoothly about a tycoon she once knew but the communist killed him on tv where the door was not a door which was popular with the country and jerzy was not a jerzy in the movie reds while thinking thoughts horrific that he wrote about the blind dates and manson murdering sharon tate wishing he was there to write about blood and pregnancy snuffed out accusing a wild man with long hair crucifixion of crosses crying across the country putting plastic bags around the heads of the world suffocating them with drugs and alcohol so bye jerzy coward of life bye magda brave with words fighting for a life mostly taken away hurting eyeballs of communism which see but jerzy closed his while magda opened hers both yelling in different tones accents in different places surviving the flying wasps stinging wings creating hurt on their thighs swimming quickly in water veins loosen while birds chirped notes out in painted bright colors printed for children of the holocaust jerzy and magda grew into another neighborhood and accepted their fate of alligators chewing on their bones to break some immortal feeling that they are done with bleeding on the swamps edge with fluoride dripping from their teeth

     Gloria Mindock 2016

erik satie and camille paglia


goat hairs dank rhapsody dunks his music his gold ring paper sheets on tiny rope chains stain his fingers muskrat wine satie sing along no no no numbers count up faster than ravel masturbates to long piano strokes curve bracket notations an inverted pause all advertisements on sale obsolete books oh well oh well pass the gravy verse his face on dark trees growing around concrete beaches grief and slippery loneliness eaten with buns burnt crispy critters pigs horsey impressions his tomato indication he calls his sister cancer she hung herself in the basement inhabited by paper piano and orange rinds his glass moisture music every hour every day the same long mirror weeps his handsome weeping willow weeping sunny day poets touch more china chintz and lamb still in field their sneeze indigenous uncharted canoe on high seas measures sound quickly jumps paglia struck between subordinate art contemporary political guilt rigid literalism and propaganda glittering images dogmatic open criticism did context marry writing or art always within a generation which sets every generation at risk using the present political stance what other stance can contemporary artists take paglia shows off art history an unlikely feminist a grunge contemporary writer with political and monetary gain fame goes along with all history of gains nothing wrong with any of it but don't expect her to agree with some  assertions or choices she defends or enjoys controversy often expects and defends her statements her opinions and most agree she dares in your face intellectual reasoning is an adventure into the world of art as well as into finding something to spit back confrontation with academic mandarin disdain for popular culture shows an elitism that betrays and suggests high or low as junk culture unique in hyperbole and virulence her hostility virtually all prominent feminist activists and public figures pc divas dance away from her dank punk rhapsody

     Irene Koronas 2016

john holmes and carol doda


wadd the adult loop no less by virtue of his schmendrig to the normal engorgement with blood vascular congestion twin forty fours at the condor vaccinated by silicone heat resistant and rubber like used in sealants adhesives lubricants medicine cooking utensils and thermal and electrical insulation meatpacking a forklift driver for the sake of two fists of sweedish erotica those peaks of twin grand piano hydraulics the lowered ceiling gogo dances the black keys tagged the sultan of smut pimping pandering shaking mammalians of the australian crawl stiff stirred to ache on her monokini his veiny directive porn informer forty four injections later freebasing free amine free alkaloid her red flashing neon nipples his engorged tumescence damn those bare bosom raids to unhinge the archetype then the fall to flaccidity as the ultimate credit card fraud she was dressed in a red miniskirt with dark blue piping and beige boots he confessed to doing thirteen thousand eight hundred and ninety five women talk either or talk thong for the case is the panty line of cheeks to autoaffect dichroic filters and wraparounds in the infinity of an orgasm without end backed by the lucky stiffs not the least of which tipped his shlong to a gay loop for market share and two tickets to boogie nights prune picker file clerk ballroom dance instructor and cocktail waitress whose measurements are forty four twenty five thirty six he rising sixteen inches to wonderland before encephalitis and the flaming swords of eden with her luxuria groping the life force of bloody in los angeles or on planet sheer where the inhabitants are figurines comprised of sexual organs scampering about like red ants collecting scraps of skin to offer the great dodaholmes before being eaten by himer in a gold gown and elbow length gloves hung like a horse named girth ruling the gag gift the patron tongue pant 

     Daniel Y. Harris 2016