Hooks in Case of Trees (extract)

the one neon a green glaze outlying bent     at a
purchase of branch given on     for a fleshing up


                                     integral hook as such not a dis-member:
                                     limbs for the catchment of lattice, bent to a sharp
                                     release of barrier


because local notch unravels a sediment relapse
onto horizon     the coagular grains are guidant,
good barrages of gift

                                                   single tree with hooks into groves of
                                                   beginning     locked elementaries amal-

                                                   gamate no grid      green sliding to hold-
                                                   point, the seed of it exit-acute in field


                               traffic of hook to
                               leaf flicker, the
                               offer is slimmer
                               offence than any
                               leaving off:
                               leaner if numinous
                               bolder if curvature

unrestrained tree canopy in parallels of hook:
dazes the wider ramification, but from this
eyelet lets a whole stretch trail the blink


                                               refusal to merge first errors stays
                                               conjugant at the turn      snags horizon's
                                               thicket by refracting any direct cluster
                                               of: this is to filter an admittance renewed


to be held over common leaf as a slippage
completable, tucked into pockets of fabric


                                               hook-curvature not clusterwards but in
                                               saturate relay of lean beaconing


terse hook but only as one curve behoving another
by foist of branch     foil-levity of attached leaf


                                        not to impress with
                                        outer skirl of tree
                                        but compact its shrill betweens
                                        to behalves
                                        mazes of the youngest hook
                                        around cold
                                        forest, clean
                                        unclipped juncture

                                               sewing an addressee on trees within their
                                               frequency, to field the lapses of viscous
                                               spine     bruised to its hooks of relation,
                                               not rigid over such rallies but worn onto
                                               a whisp of retention


fossilism whose chemistry is feathering an
armature, branches put to flights of
circumference, a scantling navigates stiffness
as the straitened invocation it is     pent but unspent
in ricochet banding around trim


                                               scarcity the sole extra emerging from any
                                               return on the object     on behalf of which
                                               any refusals match slight fenders in
                                               participation       a crushed bent in curve
                                               at its quotas of addition


nourishes a prying lameness of attachment--night
sensing its crescent at bend of day     poor
proportions of ground to hook     in which to see
a load-pin bear the toll of curve


                                              a double hoist (lean containment) but
                                              unsplittable at hook     a weight of

                                              curve on abraded risk but without any
                                              crust of detention     once this fruitless
                                              cage infers calm seeding


                                        keeps micro-girded
                                        a (tool-less) readiness
                                        for the greeter

                                        pressed for trans-
                                        ience, a shortage of
                                        passage reproaches
                                        in curve's rapture
                                        densely confined to
                                        stem abroad stem

hooks can't be tensioned more than a tree will
grant but radiate with buckled span these few
states of generative encumbrance


                                          not finally hipped into tree but do
                                          sustain an original seizure bearing a
                                          timber's core launching spate


how a tree will go with its loading but stow an
horizon on its hooks     its post-fuel attachments,
a wafered induration


                                          a tree seated on roots but pleated where
                                          frayed forward by curving into hook


displaced a circumference of desire within a
canopy of participatory partition     faithful to
the micro-obstructions healed by not abstaining
from the jolt to/from node


                                   plot the wave
                                   pitching extract,
                                   what any except-
                                   ion of tree
                                   is hooked towards

                                   not marshalling
                                   ground but given-on
                                   by encramping
                                   a surround

                                          inducing compression a range of tight
                                          branches on handle     let hang its
                                          unconditional curvature broken out of


hooks are empty methods but call their superclip
a rise into tree     public void with incoming
populations of attachment

        Peter Larkin 2015