Something to Behold

Our broken-up ship lies a meter or
so beneath the surface yet they're
still talking about under-achievement.

As the current comes round it cuts
a trench into the riverbank. National
testing is again on the agenda.

It's time to meet the megapode. We're
talking about vicarious pleasure here
but it could also be a megrim or two.

Sit back and relax. 'I am not who I
believed she was', he lied. You should
return to base with a smile on your face.

Look at that barrel-faced chest. It's
all a matter of style but one operation
leads to another and so it continues.

Why did you come in and wake me up?
'I particularly hope that in this session
I can contact a dace or two', he said.

Well, here we are on our way to the tackle
shop. According to my information this
could be a dummy but further disruption

is anticipated. When a simple dye is added
to the material its behaviour changes drastically
yet their regime may be turning our schools into

an exam factory. Wonky vegetables could be
making a return to the dinner plate today but
it's mainly a question of reproductive biology.

Brain Training

Travellers who book their own domestic ferries
are taking a big risk today though you can always

join the hipsters at the stylish circular bar in the
tasting room instead. As he progresses with 'the

hordes' his canvasses become larger and include
other frottage textures. At which point the shadow

of a man encounters the shadow of a fly. A closer
look through the atmosphere should help us to match

weather systems with surface features yet still we
hunt these fish under cover of darkness. It's going

to be mainly dry today with occasional sunny interludes.
'I'm not going to have my nose rubbed in the sand again',

she said, but over-familiarity may breed a further loss of
awe. It might seem savage but it's also hugely effective

and there's no longer a need to fear being bitten. Unlike
the residents we knew so well these new residents have

no interest in fish yet if you look closely the physical
similarities remain. As the dark days continue everyone

yearns for the return of the sun.

A New Pattern

Our titanic struggle is entering a new
phase. We have to keep a thing like
this under wraps but by all accounts
they don't half go some as well. 'It's
just a slight tic in his flight/fight
response', she said. Yet our days are
getting shorter and there's a distinct
chill in the air. Meanwhile, back at the
house Steed and Mrs Peel are dancing.
If we start to move we will keep moving
and this is an example of the conservation
of energy. Why are so many people
disappearing into the wood? Here, the
relationship between artist and artefact
is crucial, while reptiles have scaly skins
and amphibians soft, moist ones.

As expected, the two countries signed an
agreement yesterday. Yet the continuous
babble of opinion is delightful as is the
odd juxtaposition of modernity and
antiquity. Birds are flocking at the
coastline and there's a surge of life
at sea. As his days pass the defender
finds that he's too busy to feed.
His work is innately elusive, just
as much as he's a master of discovery.
Yet our digital memories are as imbued
with memories and emotions as the
physical possessions we leave behind.

A Deaf Ear?

This week we're kicking
off our formal investigations.
All that is left is gossamer
but we simply can't be
everywhere at once. 'It's
a textbook that nobody
else has written', she said.

As the summer sun fades
we know that it's time to
go. Let's jump on to another
big story. Yet this is where
time-lapse photography
comes into its own and it's
all about reading the water.

What's happened to all those
crisp autumn days? Other
processes, no less important,
are hidden from view. Do we
have any witnesses or fingerprints?
As surgery goes, deep-brain
stimulation is fairly straightforward.

A very interesting story is
emerging. 'People just disappear',
she said. Yet ice crystals are
carried through the air by the
wind and our planet has a final
trick to play. Why is the colour
red so important in this case?

Deep underground is not where
you'd expect to find this colour
but we're starting out with two
twelve-hour shifts and it's unclear
what will happen in the future.
It's always important to check the
temperature of the wax in the bath.

An Extreme Landscape

Does the acoustic background
of a landscape affect the
development of human language?

Not all marine life is so resilient.

Both prawns and scallops
live in the seabed but this
area is a seat of political
power and social prestige.

Were you fired up by acid house?

'We bring our readers a unique
and independent perspective',
she said. Yet birds that live in
dense, tropical forests tend to
emit low-frequency calls.

It was an autobiography of a dream
yet better men than you are dead and
we need to speak to you about one of them.
Words rich in consonants - such as 'strict',
for example - may be more easily understood
in open landscapes. 'I expect he's told you all
about this, has he not?' There is always the
possibility of planting a man ourselves but the
more intelligent the conflict, the better the drama.

The sooner we start the smoother the ride
although people always need to be reminded.

What's inside a meteorite? Our planet
story is captured in the colours it brings
forth but fish and shrimps are also among
our chief natural resources. 'It's a likeable
show rather than a euphoric one', she said.
For such an elaborate set-up it's a low-key affair.

Switching from decks to drums,
this duo are fierce perfectionists
who communicate with the slightest
nods and a twitch of the hand
or even a smile.

   Steve Spence 2015