requiem for the last sane man

the bones of the story
                     can also be read as history
         wet hands on the original clay

a kiln that is a construct
                      as thick as the thickness &
          arrangement on saggers

earth, air, fire & water
                       lost in the firing - a disaster -
           a flower not taken from nature

gravid fruitfulness
                        beautiful pots that shattered
            or would simply fall to pieces

coming back to consciousness
                         in a mixture of imaginings -
             judgement is

it will all lose its glaze
                         much or it porous -
             & I return again & again



knowing more than we can
a kind of knowing has been invented
not capable of being expressed in words
only made known by a decision or action

judgements of distance in golf-ball throwing

a balance sheet of incredible complexity

a resolution of the Caledonian Antizygzy

blinds us to the non-logical processes

recognition of the moods of the human face

the line becomes longer with description

drops like the gut in action without thought

the automatic rifle has its moments when perfectly handled
a considered known involved with design
that evolves culturally through corrections of bad fit


on the governance of madness

a powerful force extends itself beyond the asylum
appeal has created excessive expectations
a whole field become a babble of voices

fragmentation of the field provokes
a supermarket of approaches debates and completes
techniques of signals and social control

though a universe of one must still feature
in a series of unfortunate events
that just happen in mystery and passivity

he is frustrated in his attempts to grasp
each secret hidden beyond chatter
how it keeps the puzzle alive on why

he reaches out for a clean hypotheses
known to be an ocean sailing craft ////////////


silk in the original sense

it's texture or pattern       there's nothing in
the name of the game with sleekness

is the properties of the silk itself

impressively fine       brings together
minds and souls from an old trade road
during a very slow period of recovery

from glass panel breakup       bouldered bricks
and mountains to know your way around
a boxed in kind of life custom built

the best use for salvage
unfashionable combinations of orange walls
green floorboards with holes

smoothness saves silk's
sensuousness in the original sense


interpretations of a wall hanging

a chicanery of used ordinance
hard curved without the malleability of a breast
mottled by sheer close-knit numbers

tin ceiling moulds with original distressed paint
oppose the age of brass

a loud clink as it falls on concrete
though this was not expected

for the charge was spent a long time ago
stuck on a wall is not stuck in a wall
selected for randomness

though placed by hand what an end
a slow motion scene reaches a quiescence

this was not a plan
this was not an end

      James Bell 2015