Eight Hours
A few days of background listening
so the body sees it as normal
the tradition continues | since 1933
digital      booklet      sleep
Don't dream it away       listen
It's like the Jetsons        Est. 1944
Thirty second interval
                   shifting cloud
14 miles due south
                    Iced tea
Mozzarella sticks
A view to a swimming pool

Slanted poetics
                The Art of the Stitch
Scott's 'internal rhyme'
Up here the machinery
of production
Rodelius & Story
white walls
            rolled up canvas
angled light poise
Hat box of silver
              domestic sounds below
In the early hours Catherine
& Steve were at home safe
they had been watching the news
stunned & helpless
Finally the rain seems to have


Reclaim Victorialand

There is no exclusivity
it is timeless
wait for Liz to project

she belongs here now
just like Flying Saucer Attack
and the Instrumentals 2015

it becomes a part
as much as the dust
from the track

or the sunset beyond


C 42 A

Already the harvest is gathered  
though this is France
I think of England &
   white chalk and ashes

Distract neon and alternating
    Pylons there are signs
of life before the coast
    descends to quietness

A rural psyche diva silent tide
   of late night travellers
ease of messy bun
   reflection of screen

Let the tea cool breakfast
    isn't the only time
for made up eyes
    alongside such shrift

Lip balm as an additive
   those lips welcome it
it's the lateness of the hour


river dee
walled city
this is the way home
pollution light
steps down
tanker services
grit grime
curve again
this is the way home
light pollution

    Andrew Taylor 2015