Revelation 17:14-18

Fed neglecting the merged and blurred ipede
of vernate:
Eddy's yoke-mate's a male alias of the Whore of Babylon,
seventh vial, purple and violet with seven heads and ten
horns of an afterclap. Simply put: Eddy's alltheistic
no bromances
other hard complexes instead—such things
as egotism, mental laziness, and sloppiness. Degift
Hold the Edict of Milan
in 313 responsible: love's agape
is his shibboleth, his di voi pastor s'accorse il Vangelista.
His easy, out-of-body shadow lives below his own level,
sinks back into unity, into tenebrositas
—emptied form,
emptied shade, kicking back into closure, martyrs: King
must continue a short space. A danger possesses.
Beast 7. Beast 17, among prime numbers, blood-drunk,
tongue-mashed, reigns over invisibles of Eddy's uggos

Apology 399

Eddy corrupted his female wards and poured molten
lead down their throats, searing their bowels, forcing
them to strip naked and put on stink-clothes
of tunica
He revered a she of spiked chins. Eddy got
off on liquid fire, his beauty as a she cased in orange
fire. There are penalties for distant intercourse. Later,
years beyond rigor mortis, Eddy is burnt alive as luz
bone. Nothing is burnt—the bone-bit of spine's body
is all Eddy needs to breathe without lungs. His breath
is a Southern California crow's caw as heated March
of early haze. Palm and pine bicker to become lucky
heirs to an epiphany of rain. Both admit to being dry.
There's a year left to Eddy's truancy. Will care gloss
his medium? Will his mock-killers oblate his naiveté? 

Coefficient .916

A lady tour bus of 80+ ladies parks at the Harborside
Restaurant—Eddy's mother pours over agitated suns,
redeems a jipped past of failed husbands. Eddy looks
like the sepulcher of a wizened cartouche: looks like,
but is an image left behind, a jipocolypse
, rolled into
one huge jip, when universes jip coefficients to .916
of a prefect one. Eddy's brother dies in the childhood
of age, dies in normative reasons of clause. A jipper,
but not a womb of the earliest ancestry. Eddy's father
may not live past his muscle's atrophy. Coefficients
summon the world's end: just summon, not then real,
by the same amount, will cause the axis of perfection
to become a memory gland of fraction. To continue,
because we must in complexity's gut-lack of closure.

Grimm 209

The white hum of ceremonial magick, dusted grim
in the grime of stasis courts the ģon of Horus/ace,
charmed by the ancestry of black curtains, reveres
the oversoul of dust. Does anyone hear the hollow
of a classic? Arbeit macht frei's
metalwork signals
an innocent Lorenz Diefenbach? From virtue, fraud
and a friendship with Mr. Jacob Grimm. Eddy loves
Rose Edith Kelly. He finishes her sentences. Rosey
agency's the final work, no more final than a fraud
of Aiwass
. Eddy still cares deeply. He splits bodies.
He collapses the Ordo Templi Orientis. Themela's
a true bitch devoted to the Thelamites of One: hurt
ones who live on hurt, emptied of source for aging
pissed. Decay ins rot and sources betrayal. Sorgive.

Sequester 11%

Please sequester our repose. You posing? Who hells
the bastard line? Pretty.feee/lyng.poe/try.a.dra./ma
with the life Eddy lived: your 360 degrees no don'ts
the sincerity. Eddy, that he will slide in and out or in
ears to be heard with earplugs, sexes recall, but don't
listen to me. Water vapor is a gaseous state. It drips.
Right the wrong of humidex
. Given the volume's air,
Eddy picks 30 grams per cubic meter. Mass mix our
ratios. Out of it, how the machine of normalcy skins.
norma.lcy, the gland as extreme. I am gland.
I am when pulliaen
Eddies balk, forgive, bend: sorry,
we embers get an ould
moist as grime. Assword gpk:
? How cute can this be? You have no idea. NO.
RIP: roughly 11%. M Gam is tidy. Dress Ed: proof.

    © Daniel Y Harris 2015