Glass Touches



a snow inside mist on you undresses a bare spread floor

that his voice doesn't hang fingers with song between growing

ice only move in departing the next body explores at first his inching

warm tiny life brow having midst at this still means search

huddled together in the returning face tears shine beneath one streaming

from unknown and his bundle down the angels burden

we bowed its page and learn cold whose journeys voice this centre deepen

long seems song itself where it hits the light leans

little distance know his will begins arms forgive in valley

wings where spread the form the wide him floor and that ridge

as of peering out something rippling promises again each safe

as a single secret to its exercise a breast a hands hammer



known frozen are in nothing more alive if the one hand about stars

like glass touches chief shades of ourselves fluid forgotten

the floating dark they shape steep where will and cut sound not a gorge of open

in walking emerge among outspread patterns on into the ice one cedars

entering the designs its grass tells seams wandering path over angels new

covered they are by day no longer to light resembles

streaming in of birds and ice catching large around the labyrinth but long was kissed

letter home the new unwinding paths us to light it

sparkles pause beyond any and to the mouth return

in a rotund somewhere the end dark haired for stranger

dressed from behind the journey sea eye beaten without

a gleam never dissolved a brightly used boundary footsteps code



skin listening outside an open zero story bridge unsteady

made of rubble sand water for faith the in beyond

big toothed the possible whiteness my eyed dark

elsewhere a fill bone slowly deep the butterfly such that flocks

a thing even exists of release already broken

his afterwards all heart gridlines each stream

a kiss to break veined wire never more the perceived stranger

the sea keep my end that the sleeve of his feeling

scent opens colour however encircles straightaway

were landscape as spread of this wave is severing sleek rises

in abyss and within depth we the rough concretions

are afferent always nerves a sole understanding phantom



in emerge say and the dresses two the tangible sides

gathering body a human of that in gap holds

sway the curved mirror as corpse beings

appear one broken wafer thin night are my

belly who jostle friends now I help unpack begin

the traveller open will end masks still blow may

for worn everyone has and fold design of dead

as it clothes go moment and are naked over like machine

only otherwise leaving lanes to think between skyline hung

bridges prove rivers say his friendly voice and down

us never figure the toss reached careless what clothes almost

decent once more the cry enters itself which hope



in a wide dose rivers left to grow were down their rapidly web

counted in night I stroll untouched threads forest dreamt

the made stage of matter sing back have the deeper wear

as almost parts a child done no dark sailors running

footprints red in a want love handkerchief

could knot to street you through the made in one move

the magic printing with the time leap as all tall

from far milk houses one is miracles already

skin unknown dark to their whiter another debt

sometimes up daylight those things tip the touched

cupped heart that a leaf in a moment loosens the lost faces

and the going pointed star to night us is still there


        Ian Seed, 2015