Scatotheological 1 

Eddy Antoine Marie Joseph Daemon died of an overdose
of chloral hydrate in 1948 at the age of 51. The bastards
Mickey Finned him with chemical reagents: the bastards
of psychosis that are in Rodez in the Aveyron department,
haunted by the Visigoths and Franks. Add neuralgia, bouts
of severe depression, meningitis and addiction to opium,
laudanum, Tarahumaran peyote and uncut Afghani heroin,
Pour en Finir avec le Jugement de dieu deploys alarming
cries, screams, grunts, onomatopoeia and glossolalia over
a peoplescape of sadistic voyeurs. He called them bourgeois.
Is Eddy avatar, alias, identity thief, stand in, body snatcher
or lunatic of a counter-force? Fecal matter is a humor stuck
between the choleric and melancholic. He gestured to prick
the divine arse, on March 4, now International Bowel Day.

Helix 2

In molecular daemonology, Eddy Daemon plus Eddy Daemon
doesn't equal a Huffy Henry
polymer. At core, yet unswerved,
to work concurrently with topoisomerases
, this Eddy jaunt
begins to improve the purity of his rapture. The phosphorus,
gleams, chinks and sweeps bend like green worn chains back
before the turning back of the impoverished unity. Dr. Sergey
Petoukhov's seminal book, Biperiodical Table of Genetic Code
and a Number of Protons
has nothing to do with Eddy's ŅHelix
2.Ó Fibonacci numbers and genetic codes are incidentally Eddy,
but not by definition. Eddy sulks. Henry sulked, once capturing
that grave Siamese face which, falling backwards, was ghastly
and boring. Who coined 'headachy?' It was Achilles eating
chicken p‡prika, fainting with interest as all good clichˇs do.
Aren't there laws against this? Eddy traipses. He even saunters. 

Apeiros _π/2 ≤ y < 0 or 0 < y ≤ π/2∑an∞

Calqued from a pastiche which is actually a pâté of squab
forcemeat with cepes, anise and combava jus, Eddy kicks
Zeno of Elea in the mouth and is expelled from The Eleatic
School: all that is immeasurably subtle and profound is lost
on Eddy. Pherecydes of Syros, the En˛ma Eli_,
the Vedic
yagarbha, Hesiod nor Anaximander matter. The arche
is neither eternal nor ageless. In fact, the arche
is here, Mr.
Arche and he's 82 and delusional. Rumor has it that Mr. Arche
is Eddy Daemon's father. Out of his vague and limitless body,
sprang a central mass. This is a non sequitur. The blazing orb
is a farce ordained by revolt and disappointment. No progeny,
rather the theft of the macabre mouse named Mrs. Eunomia.
Attendance at the wedding of Mr. Arche and Mrs. Eunomia
was poor. The royal houses didn't merge. Eddy is a bastard.

Clarithromycin 68382-0762-14

Eddy Binoclar, Eddy Bioclar, Eddy Biaxin, Eddy Crixan, 
Clarihexal, Eddy Clacid, Eddy Claritt, Eddy Clacee, 
Clarac, Eddy Clariwin, Eddy Claripen, Eddy Clarem, 
Claridar, Eddy Fromilid, Eddy Infex, Eddy Klaricid, 
Klacid, Eddy Klaram, Eddy Klabax, Eddy Monoclar, 
Resclar, Eddy Ranbaxy, Eddy Truclar and Eddy Vikro
have all been subpoenaed by Lord Archibald Lux Loopy
Ototoxicity to be sentenced to die by lethal injection before
the High Council. Defamation of character as tort of libel
won't defray their stay of execution. They're accused of mass
murder with tropes of hydrogen cyanide and misprision. Lord
Ototoxicity will administer the injections of pentobarbital, 
bromide and potassium chloride. The Lord
has asthma. He straps
the Eddys to green, vinyl gurneys.  

Apocalypse 5775

Eddy 'Skyquake' Daemon shot a ginger midget named Hat
Shuah with a Yesu assault rifle below a sculpture of a silver
ceramic tower heater. It's model number 5775 with a giant
auto-off coming of the moshiach
timer. For the sake of clarity:
_π________, or apocálypsis, from _π_ and ____π__ meaning
uncovering, nuanced for endtime and redeemed in the rebirth
of Adam. Rumor had it that Hat had been a metempychotic
Adam. Skyquake was no preterist. Hat had to be taken out.
Gesundheit Mister
Eusebius and Mister Chrysostom. Tonight,
Daniel 12:2: Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will
awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting
Ampersand: this pulpy fiction stings those who say
that Eddy 'Skyquake' Daemon is a cheap Jules Winnfield.
The date's a palindrome. The next one's in a hundred years.  

    © Daniel Y Harris 2015