from Revelation 

He were distressid wid 'is brodeh in 
distress 'n wid a c'panion and wid 
state 'n wid patiess of de Gods the, 
uh, the words 'n ways of de Gods 
dat 'e Dgohn Patmos from dat barous 
Island dat lone and ancient rock were 'eld 
ffe, duh uhh, right, testimony of de Gods. 
It were 'e Dgohn allays de Dgohn 
dat barous rock 'oo gabe dis testimony 
on de God's day as a spoons 
gglew 'n were 'eard a great boice dey 
did spot it wrote in a great butcher's hook Asia's seben great 
f'tresses of smehts and de I allays dat great I 
I'm of Alpha 'n Omega of de beginnigg 'n end. 


Dou spotst, uh, write in a butcher's hook,
'n the, ERRRR, right, seben churches
of Asia send it unto yer, 'n I Alpha 'n Omega,
 ffe, uh uh uh, first 'n last'm sayigg Ephesus,
 duuhhhh, right, 'n unto Smyrna, 'n unto
 Pehgamos, right, duuhhhh, right, 'n Dyatira unto,
right, 'n unto Sardis, duuhhhh, right, 'n unto
Philadelphia, 'n unto Laodicea unto. And
 dey did turn t' dat boice dat wondehous
meliflous contendmin 'n bef'e dem ebehy
 eleckric colour of the, ERRRR, sun barous
 And I turnid ter see de boice dat spake wid me.
 DOIHH! Struth!And I seen seben
golden canbblesticks, duuhhhh, beigg; 

and of d 3 'n wid a golden girbble
bou' PAP garmin dahn t' the, right, uh
 uh uh, foot, right, uh, 'n girt clodid wid
the, ERRRR, seben canbblesticks one like
unto de Son of man in de mibble, do wot guvnor!
 His gord 'n 'is 'air wite as snow, uh uh uh
 uh uh uh, webuhre wite like wool; And '
is ahs webuhre as a flame of fire; And 'is feet
like unto not so bad brass, duuhhhh, as if dey
burnid in a furnace; And 'is boice as the,
ERRRR, right, sound of many watehs.
 And 'e 'ad in 'is rite 'and seben stars: 'n
out of 'is moud webuhnt a sharp twoejid
sword: 'n 'is countenass as the sun shined in 'is strengd.
 And wen I seen him, right, I fell at
 'is feet as dead. Lee me lone! Right!And
 'e's not afraid t' tell me, uh uh uh, laid 'is
 rite 'and on me; I'm ffe, uh uh uh, first 'n
 de last: I'm he dat libed, right, 'n were dead;
And, right, uh uh uh uh, right, I'm alibe f'ebeh,
 right, behold, right, uh uh uh uh, right, Amen;
 And 'abe de keys of hell fire 'n of d And affeh
dese diggs I 'eard a great boice of much
peoble in 'een, sayigg, Alleluia; Salbashun,
 'n glory, right, 'n 'onour, 'n powebuhr,
 unto de Lord us God: F' true 'n riteeous are 'is dgujmins:
 f' 'e 'ad dgujid de great 'oore, uh uh uh, right,
wich did corrupt the, uh, eard wid 'eh f'nicashun,
'n 'ad abengid de blood of 'is sehbants at 'eh 'and

     James Mclaughlin 2014