You have to get above the air
to properly taste the lemon

engineering brick used by Victorians
when drilled reveals the ancientness

of dust

Like the logistics of sending books
to Hollywood

track the movement

that summer was both the greatest
and most tragic of his life

get absorbed into the details

Eleven people in a room
their silence contained

There is 139 calories in each original tube

Medium Wave
Green retreat
along the canal

berries gathered
sugar to sweeten

a starred cardigan
first play

first two added

don't let them rot on the vine

beacon of return
with it drops the mist

at junction

curve sweeps the river
follows the line
south end reflected
slightly just
enough to know
it is there

A Mast Year
Despite the wind
           it is impossible
to fly the kite

She runs along
           the concrete path
that's been there

forty years

Though the orchard
      is reduced to one
tree the windfalls

mount up

they will make
     a delicious pie

The kite folds neatly
           away to be stowed
until we meet

during the remnants
     of the next storm

Three Blue Hours
the icon flashes blue
it is due to start

two plays in it is engrained

how does a voice
sound like that?

From the first
at three lanes
to the July greens

Avrocar perfect
a moonlike beach
it appears
skirts rare clumps of green

like it knows

Two Summers
Spread across through idents
it's always the first impression
that embeds

gather little rocks underfoot
four buoys out
return with souvenirs
to wash

in the breakfast sink

knowing of travel
where are the tea chests?

Beat the heat wave into submission
exit early exit late

use selection wisely watch it loop
there must be lag

like walking into path wide webs
at dusk

    Andrew Taylor 2014