Zen, Champion Of All Causes leans out over the bridge,
'man, there's a mighty lot of water down there.'
King Itchy Bleach watches that same river,
'sure, and there's a whole lot more
water beneath all that...'

Zen and Itchy, with no place to go, sit in the park
'see, today they're chopping the tree down.'
'Yeah, and tomorrow they'll chop the tree up...'

'The noble ant-eater is poorly served
with regards to naming conventions'
explains Zen,  'it eats ants, so it's an ant-eater.'
'According to the same principle' adds Itchy
'cats are longer cats, but mouse-eaters,
mice no longer mice, but cheese-eaters,
and humans become burger-eaters
or maybe junk-food eaters.'
'Yes' agrees King Bleach sadly,
'I'd settle for a burger round about now'

'Gravity' says King Bleach, 'it really brings you down.'
'Agreed' argues Zen, Champion Of All Causes
'but the ground is useful in that respect, and
I have a theory, trees, grass and people don't get taller,
they elongate by pushing the earth away from them.'
'But without the ground' adds King Itchy Bleach
'we'd just be hanging here...'
'We are just hanging here' says Zen

'What do you think of post-modern poetry?'
says King Itchy Bleach.
'You don't post modern poetry'
says Zen, Champion Of All Causes,
'you email it...'

Leaving the 'John F Kennedy',
Itchy says 'what I need now is a cold beer
in the fridge and a warm woman in bed.'
'Better than warm beer and a cold woman in bed'
says Zen, Champion Of All Causes.
'And much better than a warm beer in bed
and a cold woman in the fridge...'
'I'd settle for owning a fridge' says Itchy

'We began as single-celled organisms'
says Zen, Champion Of All Causes.
'Some of us' says King Bleach,
stayed that way...'

King Bleach sings
'with your long blonde hair
and your eyes of blue
the only thing I ever got from you
was... herpes!'

'I am not a number, I am a Free Man'
says Zen '...except for my PIN no.,
my Sort Code, my Employee Number,
my Mobile Number, National Insurance No.,
 eBay User ID, Govt Gateway Number, etc, etc...'

30th October. British Summertime Ends
King Itchy Bleach sets his watch back
to 1967... and waits
   © Andy Darlington 2014