Poppies shimmer from the light
Of the moon. Tasmania, dark
Avocado blues stir the bush fire
Elizabeth enters the water with a hand
Of dead flakes. Glass stones
A worn Copy of
Bolano. Looks
Like a Californian sunset, Elizabeth
Removes Elizabeth's jacket, her boots
She steps across a ripple of rose garden
Vertigo, red on the lilac fields
I climb on lamp lit wing beats
Asperities - skin as soft as sponge
Every night she hurts me, every night
I am delicate, in fear of the great white
The terror in the sob and pain, dust
Falling as dust between the sunbeams
Into the chink of the cat's green eye
Elizabeth, come to where I can see Cartage
Elizabeth, come to where I can see Alexandra
Drowning in sea lions, passing into neon night
Come to the hills dripping with nuclear sound

Moon ink under laudanum
Death in the 70s - filmstars and vomit
Empty lesbian relia, glitter kicks
Nail varnish - tipping over a bucket of bleach
Into the waves of rosŽ, Brighton beach,
Lipstick and sapphires, magnesium
UV rays, six feather skirts, six
Greenhouses in the sea-light gold
The cloud colour dancing, divine
April starburst, separating comets
Come let me kiss you: Elizabeth, for Israel
For the white beads on the Gaza snow
Elizabeth let me bleed minims
Into your fractured mouth, my suns
Are ships sinking in your silver swirls
Come let me bless your head
In the apple bucket, ladies and lords
Asleep on the morning linen
Of oil, the melody of gods, cellists
April snowfall, lava in the blackberries
Filmstars and saliva, vodka and vomit
Elizabeth:  let me lead your hand through the strawberries
The red ones fat with moon juice, the red ones
 Thin with velvet, let me wetÉ
The walnut and treacle tint of the hexanes
A sugar spoon full of mg, lead and gold
Models legs plastic and joyless, trials
Coffee and vents, for where the green air
Collides with the green waifs, the water
In the glass is blue, Elizabeth, I need
To make this clear: I do not love you, not now
Not ever, I am blank in the black marble
Of the bath tubs black smack, I am white
And am softer than snow powder sighs
Softer than the flesh of Turkish delight
As it shivers under a bone marrow rainbow
Elizabeth - I am yours though, because you
Are with me as the fireworks explode the sky
And the world blurs to yellow stains, the smiles
The Catherine wheels, spinning hypotheses
Catch me if you can. Petal, I will run away
My loveliness flowers all the lovely heads
My marigolds drool ocean blue into the violins
Into chopped staccato waves. I am worthless as
A word is worthless, yet I am yours, here - only
And in this line I am mine. My artichoke heart
Bruised on cotton wool, on colour wheels
Anointing my eyes with that colour they are
Elizabeth let your left foot twist the honey tap
Let indigo pour out between the wheel of your
Thighs, I like the water, I stroke butterflies
In deep black lagoons, in drowning moons
Sing to me of burnt parliaments, my oars are ripped
With raindrops: Virginia, Medina, St Lucia, Tokyo.
All is a shimmer in the Parnassian school
The swordplay of little purple dukes, Belgravia
Under the stars, the lamps lit up like Casper
America, a dream of oboe blows and viola
Elizabeth puts her jacket back on, ties up
Her hair in a loose knot, her skin is glittery

I have never seen a woman more beautiful
Than Elizabeth. She steps over the towel
I want no more blank clouds in my mind
I want no more of anything, anything but
Elizabeth, the moonlight is closing the curtains
Feet, patter, nymphs
Sound and colour collapse, I am
The nuclear bride to a nuclear husband, I
Sit alone with my wife. I answer to no one
The words shatter like walls around me
I am still. I am in love. In silence I paint the dawn 

    © Charlie Baylis 2014