Circuits draw
a blank where, according to
Baedeker, perdition
should be. It's wishy-
washy that way.

Aurora borealis screensaver,
undulations almost

High Definition sharpens the anchor's
coxcomb. Zoom out. Sidekick
dribbles the globe a few times
and slam-dunks her trope.

Military drums as the astrophysicist
shoots a brick with a Ruger .22
to simulate the collision
of enemy asteroids.


This world in a box
is the best in the world,
the world in a box.

The babbling French baby
is “already” accenting
the second syllable of “maman.”

Hobo hieroglyphics, linked
with the Morse code of train whistles,
in turn dovetailed with awakening
to a diminished chord wailing past
ice house and cemetery.

Inhospitable town, for example.

Annoyance follows the apparent lack
of a transparent link
such as between annoyance
and so forth.

prestidigitating homunculus


windows, uncharacteristically
clean and written
like a neutered bitch

30 vaginas hath
hydrogen, plutonium,
potassium, and cobalt. The rest
have 31 vaginas, except
magnesium, which is

famous fisticuffs between famous men

[untitled series]

feather boa
spring drizzle
first sushi

Broken rungs
blank their way up.

of ladder and dirigible,
an ongoing campaign

long screech
followed by crash, followed
by solar plasma

What's so hot
about a magma chamber?
Vulcan's our guardian.

what the deep
yellow yolks have
that the pale yolks don't

You've got a spot of time
on your head.

isosceles triangle noses are red,

drawer out
forks clink
drawer squeak in

© Camille Martin 2014