star theory


the bookshop retreats

to its cabinet of codes


we shake hands / my fingers       

talk by showing pictures /



and you attach them

to your star theory

on alphabetical abstractions





wintering out


you wonder at the wintering out

amongst last night's dreams pensioned off

the plucking of narratives from Elysian enclosures




ablution day


beside our home        families

wash their haloes in a stream

the elfin eels congregate

in murky hollows

stars crouch on stones


a curious autonomy is on display

the magpies are mating

the jacarandas are tableclothes

of blossom motorised by bees


my stance here is more the composite

structure of something uploadable





neon blue


nothing critical to say you make coffee /


this morning is about neon-lit vistas the blue ocean

a star-studded argument waking up the beach



    Iain Britton 2014