An experiment in peril

Only one question remains. Rather than being an
exclusive thing, anyone can pay to come along.
All this takes place out of sight below the ground.

Our footsteps echo on the stone. For emerging
artists this is a difficult situation yet the puffins
are easily spooked and we have to move slowly.

There are no limits to what a healthy youth can
do but where were the clocks? 'There are many
ways of attaching a float to a line', she replied.

Two such errors come to light and we desperately
need some fish. 'This is a place of action and of change',
she said. These are extended periods of low activity.

Not all peaks and troughs are equal yet there are
textbooks which deal with nothing else and there really
are no limits. How does this help us understand glass?

'Have you ever seen duelling stag beetles', she
asked. We also have a joint robotics programme.
What about the clocks? Only one question remains.

Almost invariably it is the natural world that
comes off worse. Profitable work awaits us though
plants, of course, live on a different time-scale.

Are we going to blunder on to the edge of the precipice?
Yet the streets are deserted and deathly silent. Only one
question remains as our footsteps echo on the stone.

Rules of the game

So when do you think this rumour started?
As darkness falls the thunderstorms begin.
My hair stands on end just telling you about it.

With a huge lake to explore we motored across
to the far tree-line. A spokesman for the force
later confirmed that he said nothing of the sort.

There is no way this building will be habitable in six
weeks. Instead, he assembles fragments, broken pieces
of action, and likes to move back and forth in time.

Everything remains confidential yet dark forces
are at work. It's always worth investing in a sea
view but you should never use an open phone line.

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, the
atmosphere crackled with sexual electricity. There's
always a little loose debris which is easy to slip on.

Regulation has been falling behind practice in some
areas yet we have warned users against sharing their
personal details online. This is where the avenue begins.

There's an obvious question that springs to mind. 
Yes but can you tell us about the electron microscope?
This way you'll have more bacon in your roll. 

Smell may not be precise but it works over much
greater distances. Would you mind if we talked inside?
An average storm produces around two strikes a minute.

A bundle of something

It's good to see that somebody knows where we're
going. This is when the negotiations began to move
slowly yet sheltering under a tree may be a bad idea.

You should think about radiator positions as these
often restrict the positioning of furniture. It's a richly
harmonic and harmonious sound. Here's how it works.

Other countries have increased their jurisdiction yet
this is a voyage of discovery that everyone can make.
'Some reefs', he said, 'are kinetic'. This is how it works.

It's not only designers who know how to solve
problems and it's important you attend this assessment.
At this point we can leave the traffic behind.

The rhinoceros hornbill, with its huge beak, has to
be a bit of a juggler. Who are you calling functionally
illiterate? Please let us know if you enjoyed this event.

She whispered in his ear and he led us down a spiral
staircase. How do we end up with the buildings that
surround  us? Then I took a dead bird and put it on my head.

Here's how it works. You can see it in the archaeological
record. Let's hope they don't have their claws out. Yet I
love that resin finish and the light here is very special.

Just look at how the skeleton moves. At least you're
never short of someone to blame when she's around.
Lightning may also travel down your telephone line.

Hard to navigate

Is this really a matter of equality within the law?
'It's the not-quite-knowing that keeps the spark alive',
she said. Unlike most sand, this sand actually sings.

A port city relies on its relationships to elsewhere
yet we also found tiny particles of metal filings.
No wonder she did a runner. Shade returns to the woods.

Now the skeletal ribs rise from their watery
grave at every change in the tide. At this point,
the opportunities for misbehaving took off.

New rules are in the offing yet there's not much we
can't deliver on our bikes. A price freeze may help. Do
we have the necessary procedures and protocols in place?

How does this virus evolve in the human body? She
was then dragged violently across the sand and forced
into the boat. Are you voting 'yes' to independence?

Once displaced, we also enter the free market, not
as clients but as commodities. On the other hand
we rely heavily on vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

Are you an obsessive-compulsive cleaner? It's a long-
term approach but we think a more lasting one, yet the
biggest creature on the forest floor turns out to be a bird.

As it rises up into the clouds it feeds the storm yet
trees have a particular advantage when despatching
their seeds by air. Who are the men who made us thin?

     Steve Spence 2014